Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing... My Céline Trio!

Interrupting all the fooooooood posts with this one shopping post:  does anyone remember this post?  I blogged about lusting after the Céline trio just last month, but without much stocks available here in the Philippines, I figured the best bet would be in Hong Kong.  Amidst all the sale frenzy happening there, I only had one thing on my shopping list:  the trio.  So on the very first day we arrived, I dragged Hubby to the Céline boutique in Landmark Central and came home with this baby.

Any guesses on which color I got?  Here's a sneak peek:

...aaaaaand here it is!

Tadaaaaa!  Céline trio in magenta!  Well, at least that's what the tag says, but it's more of a bright red color.  I was actually torn between this and the burgundy color.  I figured I already have too much red bags so another one will be a big no-no, but when I tried both on at the boutique, I was won over by the magenta.  Don't you just love bags with a pop of color?  It definitely stands out.  Can't wait to use it!  Watch out for my outfit post!

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