Friday, November 30, 2012

Beauty Box: Unboxing my 1st SaladBox

These came in the mail today.  Ooh what can it be?

Saladbox!  I love the color, it's a mint version of the famous Tiffany box

A first peek...

What greeted me

The official contents of the box

What I got:

1.  Strip it!  Cold Wax Kit
2.  Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion
3.  Sakura Hand and Nail Cream
4.  Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm
5.  Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume
6.  Crescens Php1000 Gift Certificate
7.  Strip It!  20% Discount Coupon
8.  Wishtrend US$5 Discount Coupon

Now, on to my personal opinion.  What do I think of the November Saladbox?  To be honest, I wasn't impressed.  The only thing I liked was the Carmex lip balm and it tasted/smelled funky when I tried it on. Not sure if that's really how it's supposed to smell and taste, since it's my first Carmex balm.  I even felt a stinging sensation so I immediately wiped it off.  Guess Carmex isn't for me :(  For Php500/box, I sort of expected more.  I definitely hope the creators of Saladbox will improve on their products.  The competition is fierce, beauty box companies are slowly popping up one by one so they might get left behind.  

The month of November is almost over!  That means most of you gals who subscribed to your monthly beauty boxes have already received yours.  Which one did you subscribe to?  And for gals who subscribed to multiple beauty boxes like me, which one did you like best?  Let me know!  

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