Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Tough Girl

I'm trying out a whole new look.  It's all about experimenting.  Have always been envious of girls who can flawlessly pull off the tough girl look so I wanted to try to create my own tough girl look.  I paired the oversized white bird print tee with simple black leggings and the ultimate boots:  Doc Martens.  Was sooo happy when I chanced upon this pair, on sale in Sogo HongKong for 700+ HKD!  That's a steal considering the fact that it's normally selling way over 1000 HKD.  Another bonus:  I know it's not very visible from the photo, but these Docs come in a fantastic crocodile print.  Woot! (happy dance)

To cap off the whole look, I brought out the Alexander Wang Mini Rocco Duffel.  How else can you say tough girl than with a bag that has a studded bottom?  When Alexander Wang first came out with the Rocco bag, I was hesitant on getting one because of the weight.  It's heavy!  But on a trip to HongKong a few months ago, this baby showed up in Lane Crawford!  It's a bit smaller and much lighter than the original version, so it left me no choice but to go in for the kill. (LOL).

Lots of people were surprised when they saw this look (hello, Mom and Dad).  But what the heck, I say live for the moment!   So here's two photos,  with one channeling my inner tough girl (or at least that how I think I looked like, haha!).  Did I pull it off?  Sound off at the comments section please!  Add your own tips and tricks too on how you interpret your own tough girl style.  I'll be waiting!

Top:  Bleach Catastrophe x Heather Miss Grey
Leggings:  Old Navy
Bag:  Alexander Wang
Shoes:  Doc Martens

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